Anne Klein Sport: comfortable, sparkling flats

Thanks to Veronica G. from Great Neck, NY, for recommending these lovely Anne Klein Sport flats.

The Anne Klein Sport brand has done a great job of designing comfort-focused, stylish women’s dress shoes that are well-cushioned and wearable at work or on the weekend.

Unlike many comfortable flats that are rather plain-looking, these are decked out with different textures, fabrics, and shiny studs. Perfect for day or evening wear, each shoe also features the AK Sport line’s signature rubber sole. As with even the most comfortable ballet flats, you aren’t going to get much arch support here, but these are affordable and stylish shoes to have in your rotation.


Looking for the most comfortable women’s shoes that are stylish and affordable? Check out our list of Top 50 Comfortable Dress Shoe Brands and Top 50 Comfortable Walking Shoe Brands.


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