Walking Cradles: Stylish Heels for Bunions

Anyone with bunions or looking for a wider toe box on their heels should give Walking Cradles a try before giving up on finding stylish dress shoes. Walking Cradles is a comfort shoe brand that makes heels, flats, and sandals in a variety of widths, which is great for those who find dress shoes to be too narrow for them.

And unlike other brands that offer wider toe boxes, Walking Cradles and their Rose Petals line are not clunky, frumpy, padded shoes. They have quite a selection of stylish work pumps, strappy high heels, and cute flats (in addition to the clunkier shoes that you’d expect your great aunt to wear).

One caveat is that more room in the toe box also comes with more room in the heel, which could prove to be a perfect fit for you OR a perfect fit in the toe and too loose a fit in the heel. Everyone’s feet are different, so try on a pair to see if they work for you.

From a pricing perspective, Walking Cradles shoes are not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Whether this brand works for you or not, it’s best to take care of your feet to avoid more serious joint, knee, and back problems later on.

Whether you’re looking for work shoes or cocktail party shoes, don’t give up on your search for both comfort and style!


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