Everlane: Pointed Leather Flats


Today’s spotlight is on Everlane, a relatively new brand that makes beautiful, high quality, hand-polished Italian leather shoes. These modern pointy flats are sensible but stylish, casual but sophisticated – they are exactly what you would picture on a celebrity running errands on the weekend.

And, in fact, they are exactly what Angelina Jolie wore while traveling through LAX, as reported in Vogue.

Let’s talk about comfort. These are designer flats, not orthopedic flats, so they are not going to be the most well-cushioned shoes you’ve ever worn. They might take some breaking in. They are modern and pointy flats, so if you want a roomy toe box, these are not for you. If you have wide feet, these are probably not for you.

But if you want a beautiful, super-chic, Italian leather shoe, these are highly versatile and relatively comfortable for the designer category.

Everlane is a “radically transparent” clothing and shoe company based in San Francisco that attempts to source all of its materials and labor ethically.  That means you can get a glimpse into its factories around the world where your shoes are actually being made. They even reveal their true costs of manufacturing the shoe (labor, materials, transportation, duties, etc) so you can see their profit margin. If you care about ethical sourcing and manufacturing, check it out.

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