Taos: Wedges for Bunions

We are often asked for recommendations for heels you can wear despite having bunions, so we’ll be highlighting some of these brands over the next few posts.

Today we’re highlighting the Carousel wedge sandals from Taos Footwear for ladies who would like a little height and a little style without losing support and cushioning in the footbed.

Taos Carousel

Taos makes a few different varieties of wedges, so if these heels are too tall for you (about 2.5 inches), there are lower heeled wedges available too.

The Carousels are quite comfortable for a 2.5 inch heel. Both of the forefoot and instep straps are fairly wide and attached with velcro closures, so you can adjust the fit to your foot. If you have wider feet and have trouble finding sandals that fit, these could be worth a try.

The footbed is lined with suede and the leather lining is quite soft, so it doesn’t rub your skin anywhere. The sole is made of cork, so the shoe is fairly lightweight, not bulky. The arch support is sufficient, though a heel of this height is not made for heavy walking.

These shoes aren’t particularly formal but they do help to upgrade an otherwise casual outfit with a bit of style.

Taos Footwear is a named after the city of Taos, New Mexico, and the brand reflects the city’s casual lifestyle and focus on nature.

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