Mephisto Seddy: Leather Boots for Bunions

Thank you to Hannah G. from Plano, TX for recommending these lovely leather boots from Mephisto!

The Mephisto Seddy boots are almost as comfortable as you can get for a low leather boot with a heel. Like all Mephisto shoes, they are high quality and high priced, but these are an investment you can wear all day long.

The leather is so soft and pliable. The style of the boot makes your feet look slim, but the toe box is surprisingly spacious. If you have bunions, give these a try! There may be room to wiggle your toes.

The boots are well cushioned and very convenient to slide on and off, at least much easier than my other leather ankle boots. They come in leather and suede, but I prefer the look of the leather – it’s more dressed up. You can wear these with so many outfits, and no one will guess that you are wearing a “comfort” brand.

Mephisto Seddy

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