Why I love Sam Edelman flats

I have probably tried on 100 pairs of flats searching for the perfect mix of style and comfort.

These experiences always yield a certain amount of frustration because there are so many flats out there that are supposed to be comfortable but start rubbing your feet painfully within the first 5 seconds of wearing them.

Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flat

Then there are those cushiony flats that make you feel like you are walking on a yoga mat. You can’t believe your luck. Finally some flats you could wear all day! Then you look at them again in the mirror and realize you can’t get over how ugly they are.

At some point, after trying on tons of flats with diminishing hope of finding a pair you will love, the clouds part and the light shines down from the heavens. This is the pair you love so much that you end up wearing them every single day until they are completely worn out. This is the pair you recommend to your sister and your best friend.

For me, those are Sam Edelman Felicia leather ballet flats.

Sam Edelman makes a lot of flats in different styles, colors, and materials, but these are my favorite. The leather is super soft and pliable and doesn’t rub my feet anywhere. I wore them for a full day right out of the box with no problem. The sole is sturdy but flexible and lightweight. They look stylish and professional enough to wear to the office but are also a cute addition to your outfit on weekends. And unlike most ballet flats, these actually look a little more upscale and expensive! It’s all about how you feel when you are wearing them.

Admittedly, the Felicia flats have no arch support and are not suitable for walking long distances. They are flats after all, not tennis shoes. So they are not the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear, but they may be the most comfortable flats you own and certainly on many ladies’ Top 10 lists.

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