Toe Separators: Best Pain Relief for Bunions and Highs Heels

Since we hear from so many high heel wearers searching for pain relief, I wanted to highlight toe separators as a great tool for alignment and comfort.

Wearing heels every day for years will negatively alter the alignment of your feet, even if they are the most comfortable dress shoes you can find. The damage can appear in the form of bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, and general foot pain.

yogatoes toe separators
Yoga Toes Toe Separators

If you’ve noticed your big toe veering towards your second toe because your favorite heels are too pointy and narrow, it’s best to fix the problem now before it’s too late!

One way to restore the natural alignment of your toes and relieve tension is to stretch those muscles, just as you would stretch your muscles after other kinds of work outs like running or lifting weights.

There are many different brands of toe separators on the market but they mostly function in the same way. You slide the separators between your toes and hold them there for a few minutes at a time to give your toes a good stretch.

You may notice pain relief immediately, or it may take a few weeks of gently nudging your toes back into alignment. Hopefully you’ll notice your toes straightening out and some of that foot pain subsiding.

Your feet go through a lot of intensive physical stress every day and need to be taken care of in order to avoid permanent pain.

Looking for more ideas for pain relief from wearing high heels?

Check out our top recommendations for Foot Support and Pain Relief products.


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