Gentle Souls: Flats with Arch Support

Thank you to Alex V. from Pasadena, CA for recommending the Bay Unique Flat from Gentle Souls!

Unlike 99.9% of women’s flats, these soft leather ballet flats actually have medium-level arch support! You’ll notice the well-cushioned footbed immediately when you slip your foot into the shoe.

Gentle Souls Bay Unique Flat

Gentle Souls is a comfort line from Kenneth Cole known for its soft, flexible leather material and shock-absorbing insoles.

These flats include elastic cross straps that help keep the shoe on your feet without causing any rubbing against your heel, and the footbed is roomy enough for orthotics if you use an insert.

You’ll also notice the unique high back with a vertical zipper, which is supportive and comfortable (no rubbing), but it does take an extra second to slip on compared to typical flats.

If you have trouble finding comfortable flats with enough support to wear the whole day,  try on a pair of these Gentle Souls. They look flattering on your feet, and they’re versatile enough to wear with many outfits. They may be the most comfortable ballet flats you’ve ever worn.

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