Earth: Booties Over Heels

Thank you to Wanda J. from Bridgeport, CT for recommending the Kristy Bootie from Earth footwear!

earth kristy bootie
Earth Kristy Bootie

For those who want a little height without the discomfort of heels, these soft leather booties are a much more comfortable alternative and versatile enough for work or casual wear.

The unique style (peep toe, almost slingback, and side zip closure) can enhance a variety of outfits during the summer and fall seasons, and you’ll appreciate the thickly padded soles and arch support if you’re on your feet all day long. The leather is high quality, and the shoe looks well made.

If you usually wear orthotics, you may not even need them in Earth booties. The padding of the sole is generous and comfortable.

Those with wider feet or bunions will also appreciate the roomy foot space and the soft, flexible leather. You probably won’t have to worry about the leather rubbing your skin.

Most importantly, Earth brand prices tend to be reasonable for the value. Check out the different shades of leather available.

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Soft Style: Comfortable Heels for Bunions

Thanks to Rachel J. from Purchase, NY for recommending these Soft Style pumps for women with bunions!

soft style mabry
Soft Style Mabry

The Mabry pumps from Soft Style are roomy in the toe box and perfect for those with wider feet or issues with bunions. They come with a medium, block-style heel, so you get the elegant, professional look of a lower heel with a relatively stable base.

If you have trouble finding heels that are comfortable for bunions, try on a pair. They look very professional and pair well with business attire, but you could also wear them to an evening event. The profile is relatively slim-looking for a comfort shoe – they aren’t too chunky or blocky, and you’ll notice the signature Soft Style padded footbed.

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Tory Burch: The Most Versatile Designer Flats

Thank you to Vanessa T. from Great Falls, VA for recommending Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats!

Tory Burch

These beautiful designer flats are wildly popular, and you’ve undoubtedly noticed the signature Tory Burch emblem on women’s feet at the mall, at the airport, and at work.

The Minnie flats are certainly a pricey investment, but they are clearly a notch above regular flats, with buttery soft leather, beautiful colors, and the signature Tory logo. Like most flats, there is no real arch support, but there is some cushioning in the elastic back of the shoe, and the supple leather stretches and folds with ease. Even those with wider feet shouldn’t experience rubbing with these flats.

The true value of Tory Burch flats are that they are elegant, professional, and stylish – a rare, dressed-up version of everyday flats that pair as well with dresses as they do with jeans. You can wear them to a business meeting or on the weekends when you want to take your casual outfit up a notch.

These flats are a relatively comfortable option given the versatility of the shoe, and they come in a wonderful array of styles and colors. They might remind you of Me Too or Sam Edelman flats, which are less expensive and probably equal in comfort. But for a classy designer brand, these Tory Burch flats are at the top of their game in comfort and looks.

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Gentle Souls: Flats with Arch Support

Thank you to Alex V. from Pasadena, CA for recommending the Bay Unique Flat from Gentle Souls!

Unlike 99.9% of women’s flats, these soft leather ballet flats actually have medium-level arch support! You’ll notice the well-cushioned footbed immediately when you slip your foot into the shoe.

Gentle Souls Bay Unique Flat

Gentle Souls is a comfort line from Kenneth Cole known for its soft, flexible leather material and shock-absorbing insoles.

These flats include elastic cross straps that help keep the shoe on your feet without causing any rubbing against your heel, and the footbed is roomy enough for orthotics if you use an insert.

You’ll also notice the unique high back with a vertical zipper, which is supportive and comfortable (no rubbing), but it does take an extra second to slip on compared to typical flats.

If you have trouble finding comfortable flats with enough support to wear the whole day,  try on a pair of these Gentle Souls. They look flattering on your feet, and they’re versatile enough to wear with many outfits. They may be the most comfortable ballet flats you’ve ever worn.

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Toe Separators: Best Pain Relief for Bunions and Highs Heels

Since we hear from so many high heel wearers searching for pain relief, I wanted to highlight toe separators as a great tool for alignment and comfort.

Wearing heels every day for years will negatively alter the alignment of your feet, even if they are the most comfortable dress shoes you can find. The damage can appear in the form of bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, and general foot pain.

yogatoes toe separators
Yoga Toes Toe Separators

If you’ve noticed your big toe veering towards your second toe because your favorite heels are too pointy and narrow, it’s best to fix the problem now before it’s too late!

One way to restore the natural alignment of your toes and relieve tension is to stretch those muscles, just as you would stretch your muscles after other kinds of work outs like running or lifting weights.

There are many different brands of toe separators on the market but they mostly function in the same way. You slide the separators between your toes and hold them there for a few minutes at a time to give your toes a good stretch.

You may notice pain relief immediately, or it may take a few weeks of gently nudging your toes back into alignment. Hopefully you’ll notice your toes straightening out and some of that foot pain subsiding.

Your feet go through a lot of intensive physical stress every day and need to be taken care of in order to avoid permanent pain.

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Where can I find other dress shoe brands like Naturalizer & Clarks?

We receive a lot of questions from readers looking for recommendations for shoe brands that are similar to well-known comfort brands like Naturalizer, Clarks, ECCO, and Aerosoles.

These brands are easily found at your local mall, but what about all the amazing comfortable brands you haven’t even discovered yet?

Thanks to the internet and sites like Zappos, you can easily try on new brands and styles for free and return them for free if you don’t like them.

So if you’ve had success with brands like Naturalizer, Clarks, and Aerosoles, here are 10 recommendations for the most comfortable brands to try next:

  1. Rockport
  2. LifeStride
  3. Walking Cradles
  4. Anne Klein
  5. Trotters
  6. Soft Style
  7. Sam Edelman
  8. Taryn Rose
  9. Indigo By Clarks
  10. Michael Kors
Photo Credit: Rockport

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Why I love Sam Edelman flats

I have probably tried on 100 pairs of flats searching for the perfect mix of style and comfort.

These experiences always yield a certain amount of frustration because there are so many flats out there that are supposed to be comfortable but start rubbing your feet painfully within the first 5 seconds of wearing them.

Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flat

Then there are those cushiony flats that make you feel like you are walking on a yoga mat. You can’t believe your luck. Finally some flats you could wear all day! Then you look at them again in the mirror and realize you can’t get over how ugly they are.

At some point, after trying on tons of flats with diminishing hope of finding a pair you will love, the clouds part and the light shines down from the heavens. This is the pair you love so much that you end up wearing them every single day until they are completely worn out. This is the pair you recommend to your sister and your best friend.

For me, those are Sam Edelman Felicia leather ballet flats.

Sam Edelman makes a lot of flats in different styles, colors, and materials, but these are my favorite. The leather is super soft and pliable and doesn’t rub my feet anywhere. I wore them for a full day right out of the box with no problem. The sole is sturdy but flexible and lightweight. They look stylish and professional enough to wear to the office but are also a cute addition to your outfit on weekends. And unlike most ballet flats, these actually look a little more upscale and expensive! It’s all about how you feel when you are wearing them.

Admittedly, the Felicia flats have no arch support and are not suitable for walking long distances. They are flats after all, not tennis shoes. So they are not the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear, but they may be the most comfortable flats you own and certainly on many ladies’ Top 10 lists.

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