Aerosoles: Strappy, Closed-Toe Pumps

Thank you to Erin C. for recommending these lovely evening pumps from Aerosoles!

The Aerosoles Onward Pumps are a comfortable option for women looking for closed-toe pumps with a dressy strap and moderate heels. (2.25 inch). They come in several formal colors and that signature Aerosoles foam footbed.

Aerosoles Onward Pumps

If you need to stay comfortable while dancing the evening away at a wedding or a holiday party, these are a cute heel to pair with any dress.

If you need to pivot and wear these to the office, you can do that too. The closed-toe is perfect for more professional settings.

Aerosoles is an affordable comfort brand that can be hit or miss, but these are comfortable and stylish enough to give them a try.

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Holiday Party: Anne Klein Sport Pumps

It’s that time of year when you need versatile, comfortable heels that look fabulous in the office or at the evening holiday party.

For times like this, I always lean on the Anne Klein Sport line for stylish, flexible pumps that I can wear all day long.  They are reasonably priced but look expensive and come in high quality fabric or leather material. These are perfect for so many outfits without exceeding your budget.

The Anne Klein iFlex line is known for flexible, lightweight soles that are much more comfortable to wear than stiff heels. I notice there is a little more room in the toe box too. 

As always, comfort is relative. If you’re going to wear high heels, these are a relatively comfortable, affordable, and attractive option.

Have a recommendation for comfortable holiday party dress shoes? Share your favorites with us here!


Anne Klein

Sacha London slingbacks: weddings or work

Special thanks to a kind reader who recommended Sacha London brand shoes to us! Sacha London makes stylish high heels with a vintage flair and with an emphasis on stability, elevation, and comfort. These suede slingbacks (and many of their pumps) have a thick platform under the sole of the shoe, which makes the height of the heel much more manageable. You get the height of a nearly 4 inch heel while really only enduring the pain of a 2 inch heel. As with all high heels, there is no arch support and they might run a bit narrow, but cheers to a comfortable and elegant option for weddings and for work.


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Sidekicks Foldable Flats: Rescue Your Feet


I received Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats as a gift, and they were a lifesaver at a wedding I just attended! I pulled them out of my purse and changed into them at the end of the evening when I was tired of wearing heels. Immediate relief for my feet! They are so convenient and comfortable that I even changed into them on my flight home. I now leave a pair in my carry-on for work travel!

I should caveat that Sidekicks are NOT intended to be shoe replacements. They are pretty cheap and fairly thin flats (they have to be to fold up into a tiny pouch) that you can wear when you need a break from your real shoes. But there is no support – these are not comfortable enough to walk around in for a long time! They are just temporary.

After doing some research online about other inexpensive foldable flats, I discovered that Sidekicks generally get the best reviews for comfort, but my one complaint is that the sizing only comes in Small, Medium, Large, and XL. So you might have to try two sizes and return one to figure out what fits you best. They claim that this is how the shoe sizes match up but I wouldn’t place a lot of confidence into it, as I was on the border of Small and Medium:

Small: 5-6.5
Medium: 7-8
Large: 8.5-9.5
X-large: 10-11

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Coloriffics sandals: low heels for formal occasions

Coloriffics sandals are dressy but low-heel, a comfortable alternative for women who want to avoid wearing painful high heels at weddings and other formal occasions.

They are very affordable so if you need to find something at the last minute, the price won’t hold you back. Plus they have a decent selection of offerings so you can pick shoes that match your outfit and aren’t a big investment.

Searching for the most comfortable women’s shoe brands that are stylish and affordable? Check out our list of Top 50 Comfortable Dress Shoe Brands and Top 50 Comfortable Walking Shoe Brands.