Foot Support

When you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes that need a bit of extra support or cushioning, don’t give up on them yet! Try these solutions:

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Kit

These flexible, washable silicone gel foot protectors will help relieve the pain of wearing heels all day. If you’ve been wearing heels for years and experience regular aches and pains, you may need to gentle re-align your toes and provide some cushioned relief to your heels.



Dr. Scholl’s Molefoam Padding

When parts of the shoe are rubbing against your skin and causing blisters, we can’t recommend moleskin adhesive padding enough.

Foot Petals

If your foot is slipping in your heels and you need some soft traction to stay in place, Foot Petals are an inexpensive solution.

Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball

When your feet are sore after a long day in dress shoes and need an easy massage to relax the muscles, try Foot Rubz.

kilofly No Show Silicone Heel Grip Non-Skid Socks

Feet get sweaty, and even the best shoes can start to rub and irritate your skin. No show socks help you retain your cool look while also cushioning your feet.

no show socks

ZenToes Toe Separators

If you have bunions, these silicone toe separators and spreaders are designed to help gently realign your toes and relieve pain.


Superfeet Green Premium Insoles

When you need arch support or more padding along the entire sole of the foot, Superfeet lets you choose how high of an arch and how thick of a sole you need.