HUE “No Show” Socks for Flats

If you experience sticky, sweaty feet when you wear flats with bare feet, try these low cut, “no show” liners made by HUE. The soft fabric is much thicker than panty hose material and will keep your feet dry and comfortable. They have both cotton versions and nylon versions (which are sheer but durable).

Hue liners come in several different styles, including their standard liners (made of cotton or cotton/nylon/spandex) and what they call “low cut” liners which are more likely to not be visible. If you have smaller feet, the standard liners may still peak out around your toes when you’re wearing flats. In that case, you’ll want to go with the low cut liners, which sit even lower around your feet but tend to be tighter in order to stay on.

There’s a small piece of silicone on the heel that keeps them in place, and they stay hidden inside your classy flats or dress shoes. All flats are different, of course, but they tend to be invisible with most of my flats.

I also wear these comfortable liners with sneakers or low profile casual shoes (Tom’s, Sperry’s, Keds, Vans, Converses, Sketchers) when I don’t want my socks to show.

Hue No Show Cotton Liners

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