Josef Seibel: Low Heels for Bunions and Wide Feet

We are often asked for recommendations for comfortable heels you can wear despite having bunions or wide feet, so we’ll be highlighting some of these brands in a series of posts.

Today we’d like to highlight the Josef Seibel Cara, a low heel Mary Jane with a padded footbed and a wide toebox.

Josef Seibel Cara

The Cara comes with a hook and loop Mary Jane strap that lets you adjust the fit of the shoe while relieving the need to curl your toes to keep a lose heel on while you’re walking. One of the huge benefits of the Mary Jane style is that you can actually relax your feet while walking without having to worry about your heels accidentally slipping off. Many women underestimate the toll that this tension takes on their feet.

For those with bunions, you will love the wide toe box and notice the comfortable cushioning right out of the box. If you have narrow feet, these may actually be too wide for you, so make sure they are returnable if you decide to try them out.

These are probably most similar to the Munro and Born brands. If you are a fan of well cushioned, comfortable shoes with a reasonable heel height and wider sizing, these might be a good investment. These are a good compromise between flats and a high heel without going as far as an orthotic.

The leather is surprisingly pliable and soft, which is rare for a leather heel but much appreciated. If you are on your feet all day and tend to experience swelling, this leather is at least somewhat flexible.

Have a favorite, bunion-friendly pair of heels? Share it with us here!

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