La Canadienne: Snow Boots Can Be Beautiful

Thanks to Carolyn M. from Kansas City for recommending La Canadienne boots!

I have searched long and hard to find snow boots that are weather-proof, comfortable for walking, and most importantly, beautiful and stylish. It’s so difficult to find boots with the right proportions that are sleek, not clunky, and actually practical for every day wear.

La Canadienne makes lovely, slimming boots that actually keep your feet warm and dry in rain and snow while truly enhancing your outfit, whether at the office or at the upscale dinner you’re attending after work. They are high quality boots and can be worn with casual or formal outfits.

La Canadienne

With all boots, it’s hard to find a fit that is perfect for your calves – they can be too narrow or too wide – so that will depend on your personal situation. These boots look more fitted than most, so if you need a wide fit, these may not work for you. If you struggle to find boots that fit like a glove, you have to try on a pair of these.

If you want heels that are actually walkable, waterproof, and attractive, La Canadiennes are an investment to consider.

These may be the most comfortable heeled boots you can find. You can spend all day in the ankle boots or the taller boots. Sure, they are expensive, but the raving reviews will speak for themselves and they do periodically go on sale.

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