Michael Kors: Secret Designer Comfort

For those who can’t bear to sacrifice designer style for comfort, there’s always Michael Kors, a well-known designer brand that makes relatively comfortable heels and flats while preserving that high fashion you love.

Feedback from readers tells us that most comfortable dress shoes just aren’t stylish enough for them. Brands like Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman, although a little pricier, may be your answer. They clearly try to make their shoes more flexible and wearable without explicitly advertising it. Of course, no designer brand will ever admit to prioritizing comfort in any way! But now you know the secret.

Michael Kors is targeting busy, fashionable women who want to look good but need practical shoes to get through the day. They make low, mid, and high heel options so you can choose a lower heel if that’s easier on your feet, but you still get that classy, feminine style. They also make fairly comfortable flats, sandals, and wedges that will deliver that luxurious look without leaving you in pain at the end of the day. You can always supplement them with Moleskin tape and padding on any spots that are rubbing or irritating your feet.

Michael Kors