Soft Style: Comfortable Heels for Bunions

Thanks to Rachel J. from Purchase, NY for recommending these Soft Style pumps for women with bunions!

soft style mabry
Soft Style Mabry

The Mabry pumps from Soft Style are roomy in the toe box and perfect for those with wider feet or issues with bunions. They come with a medium, block-style heel, so you get the elegant, professional look of a lower heel with a relatively stable base.

If you have trouble finding heels that are comfortable for bunions, try on a pair. They look very professional and pair well with business attire, but you could also wear them to an evening event. The profile is relatively slim-looking for a comfort shoe – they aren’t too chunky or blocky, and you’ll notice the signature Soft Style padded footbed.

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Soft Style low heels: slingbacks too!

Soft Style is a brand of women’s dress shoes that you don’t find very often in stores, but they make well-cushioned, low-heel pumps and slingbacks.

If you have wide feet or bunions but need to wear heels for work or a special event, you’ll especially appreciate the roomy build of these shoes. They are well cushioned without being bulky, add height without being unstable, and maintain a relatively slim profile for your feet.


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